The Dobson Board of Commissioners appoints members to several boards and committees in the community. These Boards and Committees are created for various reasons. Some are required by state law while others are formed to a concentrate on a specific function or area of interest.  For a schedule of meeting dates and times for the following boards and committees, click here.

ABC BOARDThe ABC Board oversees the Dobson ABC store. The ABC Board operates as a part of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, other than the appointment of board members the ABC Store is administratively and financially independent from the Town.

Board Members

Chairman - David Blanc

Brad Davis

Lynn Hayden

PLANNING BOARD & BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTState law mandates that any municipality with a Zoning Ordinance have a Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. These Boards are responsible for the creation and implementation of the Town’s Zoning Ordinance.

Board Members

Chairman - Gene Everette

Terry Warren

Tanya Hall

Brian Gates

Sharon Gates 

Jaime Tilley (Alternate Member)

TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY BOARDThe Tourism Development Authority (TDA) uses Occupancy Tax collected from local hotels and motels to promote Tourism in Dobson. The TDA primarily spends funds on advertising, aesthetic improvements to the public spaces, and local festivals and events.

Board Members

Chairman - Ed Shelton

Amy Hanson

Mike Shah

Mike Hester

Jetti Wilmouth

Jane Sheets

RECREATION COMMITTEEThe Recreation Committee was formed with task of examining and improving recreation opportunities available to residents. This Board also hosts the Dobson Spring Folly.

Committee Members

Chairperson - Russell Jones

Secretary - Misty Marion

Greg Hall

Rex Mitchell

Kim Hinton

Laura Bracken

Monica Smith

Melissa Taylor

CEMETARY BOARDThe Cemetery Board oversees the operations of the Town Cemetery located behind Town Hall.

Board Members

Chairperson - Theresa Hutchins

Kermit Draughn

Lynette Badgett

LIBRARY BOARDThe Library Board oversees the operations of the Dobson Library.

Board Members

Chairman - Tanya Hall

Vice Chairman - Debbie Wilmoth

Secretary - Peggy Stanley

Betsy White

Jonathan Bledsoe

Sandra White

Jeanette Hamlin