There’s no mistaking that the local government in Dobson is working for its residents and to make our town the best it can be. This section is full of useful information, from a helpful town directory, to pertinent forms and applications, to information on all of Dobson’s municipal departments, and more.

For your convenience, information on the Administration of Dobson, contact information for the Town’s Mayor and Commissioners, and information on Dobson’s Town Codes and Ordinances are located below on this page.


The Town’s Administration Department is responsible for the overall administration and operations of Town’s services and departments, along with carrying out the actions and polices of the Board of Commissioners. The Administration Department works regular business hours at the Dobson Town Hall.

The Town of Dobson operates under the Council-Manager form of Government, which combines the leadership of elected officials with the professional experience of an appointed local government administrator.

Town Manager - Laura Neely

Laura Neely was hired in June of 2012 as the Town Finance Officer. After serving as finance officer for six years, she was promoted to Town Manager in September of 2018.  Laura has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, and is currently obtaining her Master's of Public Administration through UNC Pembroke. Laura serves at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners and acts as the administrative head of the Town. As Town Manager, Laura oversees all town operations and personnel and works with department heads to solve problems. She prepares and administers the annual budget, seeks and administers grants and works with citizens to solve community issues. Laura also ensures town operations are conducted in an efficient, ethical, and transparent manner while remaining compliant with state and federal regulations.

Finance Officer - Marlene Lopez

Marlene Lopez was hired October of 2014. Marlene has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. As Town Finance Officer, Marlene is responsible for account reconciliations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, managing general ledgers, controlling expenditures, managing cash assets, and preparing financial reports. She also ensures compliance with applicable state financial laws.


Town Clerk/Municipal Services Manager - Misty Marion

Misty Marion was hired by Town Manager Josh Smith in October of 2012.  As Town Clerk, Misty is responsible for the proper recording and filing of all ordinances, agendas, resolutions, petitions, minutes, and other legal documents.  She also ensures the Town complies with the Open Meetings Act and Public Records Law.  As Municipal Services Manager, Misty provides administrative support to all department heads with regards to Town provided services such as water, wastewater, garbage and recycling collection, street lights, and more.  Misty also oversees recreation services and works closely with the Town's Recreation Committee.       


Town Attorney - Hugh Campbell

Hugh Campbell

Mr. Campbell is an attorney with the Campbell Law Group in Mount Airy. Hugh graduated from Davidson College with an English degree and later achieved his law degree at the Wake Forest University School of Law. Mr. Campbell is a very active member of the community through various religious and civic organizations and is also retained by the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners. As Town Attorney, Mr. Campbell works with the Administration department and advises the Board of Commissioners on legal matters. 


Mayor Ricky K. Draughn


PO Box 1021

Dobson, NC 27107


Commissioner Robin Testerman

Commissioner Robin Testerman

110 Freeman Street

Dobson, NC 27107


Commissioner John Lawson

Commissioner John Lawson

423 S. Main Street

Dobson, NC 27107


Commissioner Vonda Comer 

PO Box 351

Dobson, NC 27107



Commissioner Todd Dockery

Commissioner John Lawson

106 Saddle Brook Drive

Dobson, NC 27017

Commissioner Wayne Atkins

Commissioner John Lawson

PO Box 351

Dobson, NC 27107 



The Town of Dobson’s Code of Ordinances is now available in searchable form at Click here for this online Code of Ordinances.